Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh wait, is it Tuesday already?

Heavens, I hate my hair color.

So.... I got new glasses.  They get interesting reactions from people.  Overall they're not a hit, but I like them!  I like the yellow tint... it makes gray skies look more summery.  Yellow tint is also great for driving in the winter, as it cuts snow glare.  So they may get demoted to driving glasses only at some point.  We'll see.  (Get it?)

Today I went to an open house at one of our other offices, a couple of hours away.  So I didn't even wind up at my office at all!

Hello there, Effie.

I wore this.  The CEO wore a suit as usual, but my ... contemporary?  The lady who is the same-ish rank as me at the other office... she wore jeans and a blouse and blazer, so I didn't feel like I was too off the mark.

Love this belt.  Five bucks!

When I got home it occurred to me that I hadn't yet tried on my new Lindy Bop dress that arrived Monday.  This has a circle skirt.  I actually tried it on with a crinoline too, but that was WAY crazy poofy.  That crinoline has 2 layers so I may remove one layer and see if that works.

Wouldn't this be cute as a costume with a cropped cardigan, the crinoline, and my blue roller skates?  All I would need is a waitress tray and apron!

I don't have a "good figure for this style of dress" since I have a short thick waist.  I don't care.  It's fun to wear anyway.

In other news, someone I know - young and healthy - passed away due to a bad mixture of prescription medications.  I just want to ask each of you, next time you go to a doctor, to double check that they know ALL the meds you are on.  If you are getting medication from multiple prescribers (ie your doc, your dentist, the emergency room) you have to make each of them aware of every med you are on to avoid issues like this.  She left behind small children.  It was avoidable.  Please do this!


  1. Oh that is so sad about the person you know that passed away. Meds are serious business, that is for sure!

    Your lindy dress is adorable! I really like the bird belt too. And hello to the kitty cat!

  2. Screw "figure" - that dress looks awesome on you! I don't have the best figure for full skirts, but I wear the heck out of them anyway.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Medications have so many interactions, it's very important to make sure your physicians and pharmacists are aware of everything you're on. Ask lots of questions, and learn about them yourself. Educating yourself is important because it's so easy to fall between the cracks.


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