Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pushing "pause" on the challenge...

My friend's grandpa passed away and she is having a get together of all her friends tonight at "our place", a local tavern, to help recover from the funeral today. She enjoys dressing over the top so I decided to go a little wild so she'd have something to smile about.

I will resume the fall color challenge tomorrow.  Maybe I'll do two colors in one outfit to catch up?

I lightened this up so you can see the back of my hair.  I basically did a pincurl on each side up high, then a big one in back.  If you know how to do a french twist, you can do this, you just put the "inside" of the twist perpendicular to your head rather than parallel to it.

Later, I took the time to make lots of pincurls and that looked better.

I need to wash the mirror I take pics in.  It has a big smudge over my hair above and my mouth below!

The jacket is from Chico's.  I'm not sure how I feel about it with the dress, but I couldn't find my off-white cardi, so this will have to do for tonight.  It has a cool texture to it that you can see in the top photo.  Next time I wear this jacket I plan on pairing it with my navy shirt with the cat silhouettes on it.

That dress is from Lindy Bop.  Apparently I'm a UK size 16.  It's very stretchy material, and I could totally sleep, fly, etc in it.  Great travel dress - it won't wrinkle.   It's intended to look slightly 40's.  The tights probably fight that, though.

The tights are from We Love Colors.  I got these and some nude colored fishnets.  My clients are totally digging the hat and the tights.

Thoughts?  I'm kind of enjoying the oddball retro effect.  I have been looking for a "stage look" for performing, and thought 40's/50's might work, as I love skirts and hats.


  1. Absolutely awesome outfit for going out! I love your hair. I wish I wasn't so fumbly with trying to do my own.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend's grampa. I bet she really liked the outfit- the tights are awesome.


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