Monday, November 12, 2012

Theme Week - foiled already?

Megan Mae is running a challenge for fall colors.  Monday is teal, but I feel like I already fell short.  I wear teal all the time (teal to me being a very bluey green).  So I didn't want to recycle the things that get a lot of mileage.

Instead I wore this. But I think this falls firmly in the realm of turquoise rather than teal.  And I should tuck in my tank top.

This next one the color turned out weird, but I wanted to show the detail.

Pants, target.  Sweater, talbot's via salvation army, Necklace, salvation army.

Also (off theme), here's what I wore to church on Sunday.  I'm totally in love with it.

Blouse, chico's.  Skirt and necklace, too old to remember.  Lacy tights, kmart.  Boots, lane bryant.


  1. I wore a shade of "teal" very similar to yours today for the challenge too! It does feel a bit more towards turquoise, but that's ok, I still think it's a nice color! I think your sweater is nice!

    I like the shimmery top in the second outfit too!

  2. I like this version of teal. The sweater is really pretty and a great color on you! Loving the lacy tights in your 2nd look too. Heather

  3. Nice teal look! I love your church look as well, very chic.


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