Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I see lots of bloggers talk about eShakti.  Seems they send out dresses for review?  I don't  know... I paid for mine.  I chose one that was on sale and then applied the new customer discount so it wasn't pricey at all.

It fits well, I think I got a UK16?  It has an elastic panel on the back so I could have gone a size smaller.  I like the details, and that the (additional fee) 3/4 sleeves aren't super tight on my wibbly wobbly arms.  It is well made and the shipping (from Guragon, India) was fast.  Having to sign for it was a little annoying, as they tried delivering on Friday, then didn't try again Saturday, so it was Monday before I got it.   

The way the collar sits high on the back of the neck is a little odd.  I tried to put on a couple of cardigans this morning and it was simply not happening. Maybe the waist just rides up on me, as when I pull it down the neck fit is better.  I have a woefully short torso.

All said, I would order again as long as there was a healthy sale/discount, but I would choose a dress with no collar to it.  

Also, would not style it with black tights and shoes.  Fail.  Haha!

Do you have anything from eShakti?


  1. I like your shoes!

  2. It's pretty! It seems to fit you pretty well! I have one dress from eShakti that's more summery, I was impressed with the fit and the experience with them, but I have heard others have had less ideal experiences too, guess it just depends on what you order. I really like what you got!


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