Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swishy swishy

It is quite windy today so when I was outside this dress blew allll over, as it's quite a full skirt.  Fortunately I wore leggings.

I bought this dress for packing for my trip to Paris and Dublin, as it's a lovely wrinkle free jersey and seems like it can be dressed up/dressed down.  I got it at Coldwater Creek.  Marked down to $79 then 40% off.  I suck at math but I jumped on it.  It also comes in black, and it came with a gold skinny belt.  I cut off the belt loops though.  Boots are Lane Bryant.  They are so frustrating because they don't carry below 8 in the store, and while the ankles/calves fit me great there is way too much room in the foot box.  I have fat legs, not fat feet!  Also the heels are too high so I walk like a dork.

The earrings and necklace also came from Coldwater Creek.  I hot rolled my hair too.  Did you notice how fast the red faded from my hair?  Sigh - destined to be mousy.  Cardigan is random from


  1. That's a great dress for travelling. That color is really good on you. Did you buy the black?

  2. I did not! I figure if you have the choice, go BOLD!


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