Monday, January 7, 2013

Clothes to run away in.

Apparently I'm turning into my dad. (He makes this goofy raised eyebrow face when getting his photo taken.)   On the up side, I am enjoying my new hot rollers.  And the "whiten teeth" button on the photo editor.  Seriously considering asking my dentist about a real whitening.

This pic is much better.  Except my mirror looks filthy. And I'm thinking these shoes aren't in the WIN column.

If I was running away with the Doctor, though, I would definitely go with a 3/4 sleeve.


  1. Lots of us make that same face when a camera is pointed at us. It's cute.

    I discovered that whitening out teeth every few years is a nice way to enhance our appearance. The improvement is subliminal but real. Your playing with the photo-editor shows you the difference it makes. I say, go for it! (Visiting the dentist is the most effective method, but if you want to spend less money, you can try any of the several varieties of products at drug-stores.)

  2. Damn! Typo: "our teeth," not "out teeth."


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