Thursday, January 17, 2013

This was all about the legwarmers.

Like my purse?  I love it.  It's by Haiku.

No lie.  This whole outfit is wholly about the fact that I wanted to wear legwarmers over boots.  Is it weird?

Overall it got favorable reviews at work.  But looking at the pics I think it looks a little weird.

Mom gave me a necklace for Xmas.  One side has a tree, the other side says "fruitful".  I love trees, so she often gives me art pieces of a tree theme.


  1. I love Haiku! I have one of their bags for when I go on vacations and such, it's really neat.

  2. I always forget how awesome legwarmers are!

  3. I think leg warmers over boots is a little weird… but the purse and necklace are lovely


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