Monday, February 11, 2013

A quick catchup.

Been going crazy around here the last week or two.  Let's see.  Hubby came home.  Aren't we cute?  He looks so tired.  It took about 4 1/2 travel days to get home.  That's a loooong time.

Readjustment after a deployment is always a thing.  What's bothering me right now is that, in an effort to feel like he knows where everything is, he's cleaning everything.  Which, God bless him, really means he's just moving stuff around.  Which messes with MY sense of where everything is.  As I am an anxious person by nature, this is NOT a good thing.  There have been tears, but we're working on it.  

Areas that I'm anal about keeping clean, like my living area, are getting overrun.  Areas I could care less about, like the spare room, are getting cleaned by him (for no apparent reason) but then that stuff is getting stuck in my nice clean dining room.  Lord, grant me patience.

Speaking of living room, don't you LOVE my new dining room table?  I definitely want a bigger rug, though. And I am going to move those short curtains into my bedroom because they look weird in the living room. 

We spent a ridiculous amount of money (actually not that bad) on a new wardrobe for him, as he lost weight on deployment.  We also bought a new mattress, but it won't arrive till next week.  And new guns.  Why?  Because we can.  I believe in exercising all my rights. (And I've had some work-related threats against myself and my family, which is not abnormal in the field I work in.)

Also, a new camera.  Not exactly the one pictured, but it is a cybershot and it is 16.2 megapixels.  20x optical zoom, which I am loving and it never gives my cat red-eye!

I also went to the dentist.  My teeth, while decent looking, are in terrible shape.  Three root canals and crowns coming up, starting next week.   In the meantime the pain is beyond distracting. So there's another 5 grand, plus I need an implant.  Is it weird I'd rather get dental implants than boob implants?  Teeth seem to hold their value more.

Hmm, what else?  I've been tidying my jewelry.  I have a long weird narrow hallway, so I got a crapton of little 3M hooks.  

And my sister made me this nifty earring holder.  The jewelry box is from Afghanistan.

It's not been a great week on the parenting front.  My kid turns 18 this week and I honestly think that she believes she's going to move in with her dad.  That creates a number of issues, some logistical (like will she be covered by our insurance if she is over 18 and not living with us?), but most emotional (I feel very rejected and hurt.)  I know this is a process that most kids of divorce go through, but I'm NOT a child of divorce and neither is my husband.  We're spitballin' here, because neither of us has any relevant experience.

Is this what it will be like?  I hope not.


  1. She should still be on your insurance... I was on Dad's until I turned 22.

  2. Glad your hubby is home.
    Dental implants are way more important to your health. You will never be sorry that you opted to go that route no matter what the cost. If you wait it could mean more expensive bone replacement surgery later.
    Try not to worry about 18 it's normal for her to pull away but hard to do if she is close to you. She loves you no matter where she lives.


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