Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday summary, Tuesday goals

Monday schedule:  Work, counseling, then home.
Routine stuff that got done (with hubby assistance):  Bedroom is clean, bed is made, dishes are done.  Only maybe two loads of laundry left.
Monday target:  decluttering one box and two bags.
Target outcome:  The one box turned out to require a lot more item by item analysis than I thought it would, so the bags are still waiting for me.
Discoveries:  I found a lot of military records for both hubby and myself.  So that's fun.  Need to find homes for those items.  Also a "cooking for two" weightwatchers cookbook.

Tuesday schedule:  Work, home.
Tuesday target:  those two bags I didn't get to, and the pile on top of the filing cabinet.

Today's lovely happy clean spot:  I've been very good about making my bed all week.

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  1. My place looks like a crack den... I was trying clean on Sunday, but I had a meltdown when the new modem the cable company sent didn't work. After I tried it at least five times. Not a good day


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