Tuesday, March 5, 2013


One of the main motivators for decluttering, etc, is to have a nice looking home, right?  But it's hard to decorate a mess and feel worthwhile.  So decorating and cleaning go hand in hand.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found this TOTALLY RANDOM GIANT METAL PEAR.

So of course I bought it.  Then called the other store and had them put the two they have there on hold.  I will have 3 on this dining room wall and I am just over the moon about it.

How freaking fun is that???

Today is Tuesday.  Mission?  Um....   Dining room.  I keep saying that but now I have a reason because I want to show you a pic of the finished product WITH PEARS.  Ha!!

In other news, I'm going to have a couple days off next week so I will have time for a bigger project.  Time to really get a path laid out, so there's no excuses.


  1. Beautiful decoration. And thinking outside the box is admirable. The best thing I ever bought to decorate my home were ceramic acorns -- the size of softballs -- that I kept in a wooden bowl. They were very realistic and an endless magnet for compliments. Your pears will attract similar praise.

    1. The acorns sound awesome! I will be looking for something like that (but maybe pear themed still?) to use as a centerpiece on the dining table. I think I've seen glass mosaic pears somewhere?

  2. Beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    1. Thanks! Me too, because it will mean that space actually got DONE instead of just TALKED ABOUT!!


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