Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello, Monday, my old nemesis.

On friday I said my

"Goals for the weekend?  Dining room (basically clearing/sorting the table and moving a bed frame hubby left in there for NO apparent reason and I asked him twice to move) and 3 totes of "stuff".   And maintenance."

So... I pretty much did maintenance.  And washed the sheets (actually I just stripped the bed, hubby did the rest).  But other than that I went out with my friends or laid around watching movies. And did my nails. 

Oh wait!  I did clean out the insides of an entertainment center that is in my dining room.  It holds Christmas dinnerware, extra linens, and sewing supplies.  There's only two bits of it that didn't get sorted... the bottom middle section and the bottom left section.

I should move those framed photos to the right of it.  They are pointless there.

Today is Monday.  Mondays I work all day and sing at night, getting home around ten.  Therefore I will accomplish NOTHING for home goals today.

Hmm, if Mondays are zero achievement days, I may have to pick it up on the weekends to compensate.

Do you have days that are routinely just a lost cause?  How do you compensate for them?

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