Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello there, Sunday.

Friday the roast turned out really, really good.  I'll be repeating that recipe!

My nephew came over.  He's not as engaged with the musical stuff as my niece, but I got this pic anyway.  He was very interested in playing the Kinect on Xbox though.  I was hurting the next day!  Need to use that thing more often.

I spent most of Saturday making this pillow for one of my besties.  She loves handmade things and it doesn't get much more handmade than on my dining room table!!

She loved it!  :D  It took longer than I thought it would to make it, but it was a lot of fun and kind of made me want to make a few more things.  (I also did very well at cleaning up all my sewing stuff and putting it away.)  I love her.  She is consistently and consciously adding joy to her life and the lives of others at all times.

And a couple of my other friends at the party.  There was a band and a drag show.  Never been to a drag show before other than at Pride events, so it was interesting.  The bar we hang out at REALLY needs a spotlight for the stage - the lighting is terrible.  Maybe I'll post better pics later, as there was a professional taking snaps of us.

Last week I wore Sally Hansen Salon Effects in a black and white plaid.  This week, tattoo print. I'm getting better at applying them.  I still think that $10 for a manicure that lasts only a week is a bit high.   But such is life.

Today, cowboy boots.  I'm not made for heels!

Sunday we've just been running around to hardware stores.  We have Monday and Tuesday off work so we're going to hang a door on the doorway to the hall.  Exciting stuff, right?  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Men dressing in women's clothing?! How weird. :)

    1. Most of the drag kings/queens I know (I know a few, though I'd never been to a club show before) do it as a way to fund their gender reassignment surgery. They are less TG and more (mid-process) TS, generally speaking.

  2. So much cuteness - nephew, pillow & nails. Glad your pot roast turned out. I'm too chicken to try out a new recipe when guests are coming over.

    1. Well, my brother is an excellent cook so if I had ruined it, he'd likely be able to revive it. :)


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