Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feels like Monday

but I guess it's Wednesday?  I had Mon/Tue off this week, and hubby took it off too.  So we (and by we I mean  he) hung a new door on the hallway.  Still have to figure out the handle part.  But it's keeping the cats out of the bedrooms, so that's nice.  (They are NOT happy about it, either!)

Also, I had a random shelf so I (he) put it up in the bedroom.  Now what shall go on it?

And I started packing for Paris, Dublin, and Kentucky.  Hubby thinks it's silly that I'm bound and determined to use this internal frame backpack.  But it cost a ton years ago and I've never actually used it.  Besides, that way, even though I'm staying in fancy hotels I can say I "backpacked in Europe" - heehee!  I like to pack by rolling, rubber banding, and putting in lingerie bags.  That way the stuff doesn't get messed up when customs ransacks it.  Lingerie bags are cheaper than the "packing cubes" pushed by sporting goods/adventure stores.

And I put up an extremely rough draft of a new song.  By which I mean it's not even in the right key for me to sing properly.  But I don't always write in the key I sing in... I just write it the way it sounds in my head and then later I find a way to sing it (which usually means transposing it to another key!)

And for good measure,  a random photo from our 2010 trip to Mexico.  Because it's all crappy and snowy today after getting a teaser of spring this weekend.  And I need to see some sunshine.


  1. Cool door! Where did you find it?
    I try not to put up shelves as I fill them up or I put crazy stuff on them and they look like alters. I put a few tiny owls on one & hubby asked if he should leave an offering... "sigh".
    Great idea for packing.
    I'm going to click over & check out your new song- it. You really have talent.

    1. Haha, now I thought of you every time I saw an owl on my trip this weekend.

      The door came from Home Depot. They're made by Johnson and it's called a vertical wall mount door, I think.

  2. Hey, buddy. I love my purple Mary Janes. I bought 'em from Aerosoles on sale for $19 after not being willing to buy them for months at full price ($89). Here's a better picture of them; in person, they have adorable gold striping:

    1. Love them. Unfortunately they only have the black in my size and it just isn't the same!


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