Friday, March 1, 2013

Thursday into Friday

My silhouette would be chubbier, but same concept applies.  

Yesterday I thought I was done when I posted (from BlogGo app, which I can't figure out how to put pics in), but I wasn't.  I wound up getting up out of bed twice.  Once to eat and clean up after eating, and once when a young friend came over and I sewed him up a ukulele bag.

Earlier in the week I posted a pic of my kitchen all snazzy and spotless.  What I didn't post was the other counter.  This counter.  It's right by the front door, so it collects all the coming and going stuff.

Yes, I'm really posting this.  Sigh.  It's not always this bad but there are usually a couple of stacks.

Again, we have the "house isn't done" items.  The cupboards with no glass.  The gap between them - for which we purchased the filler piece at least two years ago.

Anyway, this only took about 15 minutes.

Could more of that stuff be eliminated?  Sure.  That silver can is full of candy.  Gonna bring that to work so it vanishes.  I - or at least my poor teeth - don't like hard candy.  The little rubbermaid is full of spent ammo shells in case we decide reloading would be fun.  The popcorn bucket gets us free refills at the theater till April!  Hm... The case next to it is my boss's video camera I borrowed for a project I never completed.  The rest is hubby's stuff for work.

Now, what's INSIDE those drawers? That's gonna wait.  Visible first... then the hidden messes.

Goals for the weekend?  Dining room (basically clearing/sorting the table and moving a bed frame hubby left in there for NO apparent reason and I asked him twice to move) and 3 totes of "stuff".   And maintenance.


  1. Happy belated Birthday! I really like the colors of your home. I'm in the process of painting right now... one of those projects that take forever for me. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks, Dee! :D Good luck with painting! I'm going to repaint my dining room soon and I'm so not looking forward to it.


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