Saturday, October 19, 2013

Navel-gazing a bit.

Ally posted earlier in the week about why people blog. It's a thought provoking read, as many of her posts are.

I totally identify with the assessment that many clothing/fashion blogs aren't really about the clothes - they are an effort to connect with others.  In fact, I've just about given up the clothing aspect of this blog.  Partially because I thought the blog was contributing towards my spendthrift habits, and partially because I feel like I mostly have it under control.  And this year's been tough.  I have more impactful things on my mind than my shoes.  However, sharing these things puts me in a vulnerable position.  I need the outlet, but I also have to be mindful of what I'm putting "out there".

Sometimes I think I blog like some people pray.  Without any certainty that someone is listening, and mostly when the shit hits the fan.

So what's up in Freeda's world?

We did our last scuba dive, and are now certified.  Leaving for our cruise in just a couple of weeks.  To that end, I'm making a goal of having my house nice and tidy before I leave.

I'm getting back on the horse with trying to learn to speak French.  The Michel Thomas audio books are AWESOME.  Making great progress.  To what end?  No idea, since when we went to Paris I didn't really care for it.

My cat has fleas.  She had a bath tonight.  She's been up my bum lately, wanting a ton of attention.  I wonder if she was just trying to point out that she needed some help?

Forgiving my husband for something is proving to be really hard.  I thought I was doing well but I seem to be cycling back into a lot of resentment.  Therefore, I spend a lot of time fantasizing about running away from home, essentially.  :/

I have had a couple of job interviews.  There's one very good opportunity, but one that doesn't seem as good but may suit me better, so either way I'm good. Plus I'll still be doing taxes.  But, with things with the hubby being a bit shaky, it makes me very reflective of the fact that I'm not capable of supporting myself financially right now.  I hate that feeling.  And then I resent him more, for putting me in that mindset where I have to look out for me instead of counting on him.  Ugh.

My mom was quite seriously ill for a long time.  Today, at my niece's birthday party, is the first time I've seen Mom really seem like herself again.  That's a wonderful feeling.

My kid goes into the Navy approx a month from now. So, there's that.

Cooking is becoming a big focus for me.  I'm becoming a slavish devotee of Ree Drummond.  I've made her potato soup, mac and cheese, and alfredo.  Comfort food central around here!  Related:  Gained some weight.  Not thrilled about it.  But not upset enough about it to really do anything.

2013 has not turned out anything like I thought it would.  I'm looking forward to the new year.  Even as I look back at my old posts, I can see myself hanging on for dear life for so long.  It makes me tired.

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  1. One of the best parts of blogging is venting. We get to express our feelings, openly. Like you, I have no clue who (and even if anyone) is going to read my stuff, so we just sort of hope and put it out there. It's nice to read this report on your recent life, even if most of the news is sad, 'cause it let's us understand what you're going through and connect to you emotionally.


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