Friday, October 18, 2013

Planning for Halloween

Are you thinking about a costume yet?  Are you going out?  Do you dress up to hand out candy?

I think at this point I've settled on Cruella DeVille.  My costumes are usually based around what will keep me warm!  Therefore, the idea of a long dress, wig, fur, and gloves is right up my alley.  I rarely dress up - maybe once every five years.  The makeup on this one, from the Cherry0Bomb blog, has me fascinated.  Love it... so expressive!

What are you going to be?


  1. I think your choice is a good one. I'm planning on being Sydney Bristow (from "Alias"). I fell in love with her character when bingeing on the show a few months ago. I've picked a sexy gown and have already posted pictures of my fishnets and garter-belt gun-holster.

    1. I saw those! I love Alias. :) I hope your costume comes off perfectly!


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