Friday, September 30, 2011

Believe it or not, this felt a little cleavage-y as I moved around today.  Next time, a higher layer under the jacket, I think!  Expect a lot of skirts... I'm a few pounds too heavy for most of my pants right now.  :P

Kmart blazer, previously worn here.
Thrifted skirt, previously worn here.
Random tank.
Shamrock necklace and boots from Payless.  The boots gotta go.  Way too tight on my chubby calves.

I would totally tell you what I got in the mail today, but it's a gift for Kiddo for Christmas.  I suck at keeping secrets so I usually buy gifts very late in the game.  In fact, I only have 2 so far.  Are you Christmas shopping yet?


  1. Xmas gifts!!!? Arghh... I have not even thought about it yet. You look super cute!

  2. Christmas shopping?! I didn't think that was allowed before Halloween.


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