Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Do you use fabric hankies?  Handkerchiefs?  Snotrags?  (I know, gross, but that's what my husband calls tissues.)

I'm in the depths of this sinus cold thing - spreading to my ears - and the paper tissues are just tearing up my face.  I'm reading about how cloth handkerchiefs won't do that and I was curious if any of you use them, or if you view Kleenex or Puffs Plus as the best option?  The commenters on this blog entry swear by washed and dried diaper wipes?

I am going to see if I can find some hankies and try them on the next go round.  Anything to keep my nose from falling off.


  1. I always have a hankerchief on me. And, with a cold right now, I use it often. They are soft and absorbant.

  2. Dabbing rather than wiping eliminates a lot of the redness/rawness. If I'm on a runny streak I try really hard to dab.


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