Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blinging up a basic plaid.

I really like this Dress Barn jacket.  I like the oddly short sleeves, and the stance of the buttons.  (I learned the word "stance" on "What Not to Wear".)   I like that it closes high enough that I can wear it without worrying about what's underneath.

The cuffed pants are Rue 21, and I'm wearing some patent 3 inch Mary Janes.

I decided to add a little bling, just for fun.  The sequin top is from Kmart.  I waited for it to go on clearance *forever*, and then snapped up the last one!  The top doesn't show much - this next pic is with the jacket unbuttoned just so you can see.  But just knowing I'm all sparkly underneath makes the day better.  And on this kind of a day, I needed it!

The sequin in belt came from Kohl's, I think.

Not too bad for only having 3 hours of sleep, I think!

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