Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dressed up for a meeting and an interview...

The meeting went off, the interview didn't.  I'm okay with my current job, but I need to create better boundaries in order to be there long term.

Still hate my legs, love my TJ Maxx shoes, Talbot's shirt and thrifted jacket.  I'm pretty okay with this outfit.  However, if the components were black, I'd be much happier wearing boots!!  Would you wear black/brown/gray/other boots??  Or tights of some sort?

The cameo pin's origin is unknown, but the antique sweetheart pin was from ebay.

You've seen this Talbot's eyelet skirt a zillion times but I still love it.


  1. This is a gorgeous outfit! Such attention to texture and detail is awesome, Freeda!

    For tights, why not play up the blue in the pin? A slate blue textured tight with a black boot (practical, if you don't have a pair already) would look great, but you could also go with grey tights and do a burgundy boot.

  2. Oh, and I see nothing wrong with your legs! You have nice legs, with good strong calves. Silly woman. :)

  3. Nude hose are appropriate for an interview, otherwise, the tights suggestions sound good. Love the shoes!

  4. I really like this outfit! The jacket is a fantastic fit. I'm conservative with colours, so I'd go with black boots. Or opaque black tights with some ankle boots?

  5. That's a superb outfit for business-wear. Very polished and professional. I'd hire you.

    And I concur with Sheila -- your legs are nice. I'm sorry you feel self-conscious about them.

  6. I need to buy some hosiery! Everything I have is more "naughty time" themed. Hahah!

    I struggle with mixing black with blue, or brown with navy. Old hangups I should work on. I never want to look TOO adventurous in an important meeting or an interview! My personality is kooky enough....

    I'm at peace with my marshmallow legs. And by "at peace" I mean "resigned to them, but not ashamed enough to give up skirts completely".


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