Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And now back to our regularly scheduled outfits...

Apparently a good breakout is all it takes for me to wear my hair out.  I think borrowing hubby's moisturizer was a mistake.*  I'm breaking out like crazy, so thank God for bangs that fall where I need them to!

*Yes, my husband uses moisturizer, and no it's not weird!  He also uses the Oil of Olay skin scrubber thingy that's a cheap version of the Clarisonic.  His thyroid condition messes with his skin.

So my sister mentioned the pink scarf I wore the other day, then I mentioned the pink sweater I purchased the other day, and so today I wore them together.

Observations:  My pink doesn't really match.  I am a matchy matchy girl.  But I think it's okay?  I'm laughing because my husband said something silly I don't remember.  I love him!

I hate when belt loops, etc, show through tops. My new bra doesn't have underwire and I'm not sure if it looks weird - it feels a little weird.  Also, it is sprinkling out.

I have no idea where these earrings, or the matching necklace for that matter, came from.  I don't recally buying them or getting them as a gift...  they are just randomly here in my house.  But they go well with the sweater!

I think if I had to say what's my "uniform", this would be it.  Jeans, boots, sweater and scarf.  Interesting? Nah.  Reliable, work appropriate, and conservative? Yupper!

This weekend when I was cleaning the bathroom, I repurposed this shoe organizer that hangs on the back of the door.  The bottom level hold medical equipments.  Back support, wrist braces, I think there's an ankle air-cast in there... we're clutzy around here!  There's also one row that is just my belts.  The top now belongs to scarves!

This week is slow at work.  I'm mostly playing hooky, since I'm working Christmas day.  I should use the time to clean my house for our family Giftmas on the 31st!


  1. I think the scarf goes nicely with the sweater. And yes, usually using someone else's skin care products or cosmetics is a breakout-inducing error!

  2. a man taking care of his skin is not weird at all. Who likes zits?

  3. As your sister noted, the scarf looks good with the sweater. Merry Christmas.

  4. Well, I picked up some Eucerin today so hopefully it will pass soon!

    He doesn't break out, he just gets big dry patches. Still gross. But he's very good about preventative maintenance! More responsible than I am, that's for sure!


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