Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Follow-up on headcovering post.

I wrote about headcovering the other day.  I wore a scarf - tichel style that matched my outfit - to church on Sunday and one of the other teachers put her arm around me and asked if I was "feeling well", then eventually came out and asked if I had cancer.  Seriously?

Then another day I dropped by our local Islamic center to grab some learning materials, so I covered to be respectful.  Did you know that you shouldn't shake hands with the opposite gender if they are Muslim?  Women put their hand on their heart and bow just a little bit.  I wore this scarf.  I'm kind of getting into pink lately, it seems.  I bought a baby pink sweater the other day too!

I thought I would prefer wearing the tichel because it was less religion-specific, but it turns out that around here it seems cancer-specific!  Wearing a headcovering that shows more hair, like below, is less likely to get that reaction, but to be honest that styling is very hard to wear.  It requires a lot of pins and doesn't stay well.  My hairline is obnoxiously high (you have a forehead, I have a fivehead)....  sigh.

The saga continues...    Expect to see varying levels of headcovering over the next little while.


  1. I really love the scarf you used for hijab. I like the colored headband under hijab look, I've tried it and found it easier to anchor the scarf onto.

    But having it so close under my chin always bugged me! I had a photo taken of a dupatta-style scarf on me today, but I looked jacked-up in it, so I will wait for a better pic to post.

  2. I thought it would bother me, given that I have some sensory integration issues from time to time, but overall I found having the weight on my head to be kind of soothing. Maybe like those weighted vests that autistic kids wear?

    I may wear that scarf tomorrow too, with my new pink sweater. Haven't decided yet. Yay pink! I got it from Abdul, along with some free incense! He's such a sweetie.

  3. Oh, and believe it or not, I got that tight of a wrap with NO PINS. I am pretty good at it now. :) Practice makes perfect!

    However, I am breaking out, so some strategically loosened hair will be making an appearance post haste.


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