Friday, December 16, 2011

Plain and Plaid


I think I've gained weight.  And I don't like a Vneck with this jacket.

That big flowery bracelet kills when I'm trying to type - I am giving it to my assistant.  I am loving the hammered silver one, though.  And the skinny one says "never never never never never never never give up" ~ winston churchill.

Finally, I should not be crabbing out my spouse when he's taking my pictures.  Because he doesn't stop and wait till I "pretty up".  He just keeps right on shooting.  This is my "why are you being a blockhead" face.  I can't even remember what we were talking about...

In other news, my kid had work in a student show.  I love this piece.  It's all "photoshop painting".

This weekend is busy, with a family brunch, a wedding, church, a birthday party, and a formal event.  I will try to take photos!


  1. You look great in that jacket... I don't think you've gained weight. Hope you had a fun weekend- now it's countdown time to Christmas.

  2. It was a busy weekend - but now it's Tuesday and I can rest! :)

    Hope your holiday plans are proceeding smoothly!


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