Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baaaa, Baaa!

I'm such a sheep.

I just bought pair #2 of Fluevogs.  Which I never would have learned of if it weren't for Audi and Sheila.

These are a bit big.  They may wind up going to my sister.  For now I have them tightened, wear them with socks, and insoles.

I love them.

Maybe I won't give them up.


  1. They're so cute! I love them! I think you should keep them!

  2. Did you order them online? Just call and exchange them. Fluevog is really good about that - their service is excellent. FYI, I find it really helpful to read through the comments on any of their styles - their sizing is really erratic, so the customer comments can be extremely useful in knowing if they fit large/small/narrow, etc.

    They are really sweet! :)

  3. I got them through Amazon Warehouse deals, not Fluevog proper. I could never justify the retail pricing. And I've already worn them outside.

  4. I know exactly where they should go :)

  5. @Bethie... Shh! Don't mess this up for me!

  6. We'll shear you any time little sheepy.


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