Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A clothes post!

Monday I got a root canal, went to work, and had chorus rehearsal so I didn't do anything at home, tidy wise.  So here's Monday's outfit.

Nails by Sally Hansen Salon Effects for the third week running. I've really gotten the hang of applying them well, so it's working out pretty good.

Can you see my chartreuse earrings?   I got this sweater in Shipshewana and I love the cable boatneck.

My, this photo is terrible.

For some reason these pants feel short to me lately.  I doubt I'm growing.


  1. Cute outfit- like the shoes.

    1. Me too, but they are hellaciously uncomfortable, even with insoles. My pinky toes were crying for mercy after a few hours teaching on my feet!


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