Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nothing in particular

Pics from our last trip, to break up my ramblings.  

I just worked out my bills, as my husband is taking them over when I quit my job in 3 weeks.

The good news?  They're very low.  Like 25% of my takehome.

The bad news?  If they're only 25% of my takehome... what the HELL have I done with the rest of my earnings for the past 3 years at this job?

The answer?  Fast food.  Gasoline for my ridiculous commute.  And CRAPOLA.  Junk.  Trash I've probably already given away.

On the upside, this means that if I can secure a job close to home and control my fast food habit, I should be able to continue paying those bills, and therefore contributing to my household.

Hubby's willing to do it all, but he shouldn't have to.

And that's what I'm thinking about today, as I fill out apps for random jobs close to home.

Do you live frugally?  Or are you a spendy type like me?  Would you like to be a different type than you are?


  1. We have lived on one paycheque for years. Right now I'm the one working but I did stay at home for 10 years when kids were little. It's really quite easy to cut back on the non- essentials like fast food or impulse purchases. You'll find other things to do rather than shop.

  2. It's amazing how reflexive spending has become, now that I start paying attention!


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